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The Festival, "We all came out to Montreux"

The term festival is obviously a reference to the event that made Montreux famous: the Montreux Jazz Festival. It also reflects our desire to include the world of music in this event, which aims to be different from the rest of the trail world. As Deep Purple sang in their 70s rock anthem: "We all came out to Montreux".

Like a music festival, we also want to retain a degree of programming freedom. From our point of view, trail-running should retain the spirit of DISCOVERY that is its very essence, so we don't want to set our routes in stone. In this context, our 8th edition in July 2024 will see new races appear. The number 8 will also be in the spotlight, as the event will be held over 8 days and 8 cantons, for a total of 8 races.

In 2024, the MXSKY will be replaced by CROSSING RIVIERA, with a route that is very similar in terms of distance (32km) and altitude difference, culminating on the Rochers de Naye, the region's most emblematic peak, at over 2,000 metres above Lake Geneva.

But the Montreux Trail Festival would not be what it is without the symbolism of the most moustachioed of Montreusians: Freddie Mercury, whose statue will continue to mark the start of the new CROSSING ROCKS for a "Freddie's Night" to the rhythm of the many artists along the route.

Some may be disappointed to see our MXTREME and MXALPS disappear - at least for a while - but the fabulous team adventure of CROSSING SWITZERLAND EKIDEN is a very attractive alternative, with routes ranging from 76 to 8 km, allowing you to cross the Swiss Alps from east to west with your friends.


But when it comes to alternatives, there's more than meets the eye... CROSSING ALPS (100 Miles), CROSSING HIGHLANDS (110 km) and CROSSING SARINA (70 km) will take you to some of the most magnificent places in the Swiss Alps, all finishing on the lakeside in Montreux.

This finish on Clarens beach, with food stalls, exhibitors, music (of course) and the lake just around the corner, further enhances the unique atmosphere of the Montreux Trail Festival.

So, like us, are you ready to take on these new challenges?


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