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We Will Rock You, it's going to shake on the trails!

More known by music fans than for its sporting aspect, Montreux has for some time now had a "secret weapon" to change this perception: MONTREUX TRAIL FESTIVAL
What could be more original than being greeted by the Montreux's most moustachioed resident, Freddie Mercury when our races pass his statue? And, the waters of Lake Geneva call for a refreshing swim once you cross the finish line. This should encourage you to pay us a visit.

Since 2017, Montreux Trail Festival has succeeded in putting the Pearl of the Riviera and its region on the map of the "trail-running planet" as an essential place for the practice of the discipline, between Lake and Mountains, mixed with a touch of rock 'n roll which reminds us that music is never far away in this little corner of paradise.

We are back for another edition during which, in addition to 4 courses of 390, 30, 15 and 8km, concerts will be held at the finish on the beach of Clarens while the Place du Marché and the statue of Freddie Mercury will continue to mark the beginning of the adventure for the Crossing Rocks Night races.

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